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Embrace the power of choice

Live deliberately and

Embrace the power of choice

with me, Michele Nash. I coach with proven mindset methods that increase awareness and change your perspective on life

Welcome to Michele Nash Coaching

Using a treasure trove of proven tools & strategies including hypnosis, I assist action-takers to reclaim their personal power in re-establishing their relationship with themselves, so they can live a life of deliberate design and ongoing possibility.

The Michele Nash Difference

The Michele Nash Difference

What you can expect when you work with me. I will:

  • Show you how to embrace the power of choice and lead you into awareness
  • Always respect your opinion and I will challenge you to think differently when required
  • Guide you to “the way out” of the blockages regardless of how long you have held onto them
  • Help you to find ways to reprogram and reset your mindset for immediate & productive results
  • Demonstrate how to re-establish your relationship with yourself & others
  • Teach you how to start living a life of joy and ease NOW
  • Give you techniques to “bullet proof” your emotions
  • Stand by your side and encourage you in the choices you make to live the life of your dreams

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The Michele Nash Approach

I am committed to your personal development. You can expect accelerated results such as greater energy, productivity, balance, pure joy, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and clarity. Learn more about our collaborative approach to Coaching for Success...

Success stories

Michele, Thanks for everything!!! A short journey but an amazing one!! I must say I was really dubious of this work at the beginning but looking at everything now I still can't believe that I don't feel the emotions that we smashed out..., Crazy but great! I feel a real sense of freedom, like I have taken my life back. Look forward to working with you again in the very near future. I keep thinking it's like some king of pill and it's going to wear off but I have faith, strength, courage, and belief that I can do anything and for this I thank you

John Pulitano

Director, Headcase Hair Sydney NSW

Michele has changed my life. Have had multiple sessions & in all areas of my life I have noticed a massive change. Couldn’t be happier or recommend more highly

Rachel Montgomery

International Make Up Artist Sydney NSW

Success stories

Your success lies entirely in your thoughts – if you truly believe you can be successful, nothing on this earth will stop you achieving your goals except yourself.

Rory Nash

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