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Customer Love

Read reviews from Michele Nash Coaching clients.

I have known Michele Nash since 2014. Having both the opportunity to work with her and experience her coaching and training methods in NLP and other modalities. Michele is highly professional, organised, knowledgeable and skilled with a breadth and depth of business experience. I would highly recommend her for training and coaching

Robyn Wilson

Leadership Trainer, Coach, and Professional Educator AQF levels 1 to 10

Michele has changed my life. Have had multiple sessions & in all areas of my life I have noticed a massive change. Couldn’t be happier or recommend more highly

Rachel Montgomery

International Make Up Artist Sydney NSW

Michele has helped me with so many things throughout my life but the most recent success stories I have with Michele is hypnosis. I was a full-time smoker and was smoking two packets a week of tailor-made cigarettes a week. I decided one day that I was ready to quit smoking and wanted to quit for good, there is where Michele came in!

Michele is the real deal and I can't recommend her enough.

Skye Campbell

Mother, Wife, Vet Nurse, Early Childhood Worker, Full Time University Student

Michele, Thanks for everything!!! A short journey but an amazing one!! I must say I was really dubious of this work at the beginning but looking at everything now I still can't believe that I don't feel the emotions that we smashed out..., Crazy but great! I feel a real sense of freedom, like I have taken my life back. Look forward to working with you again in the very near future. I keep thinking it's like some king of pill and it's going to wear off but I have faith, strength, courage, and belief that I can do anything and for this I thank you

John Pulitano

Director, Headcase Hair Sydney NSW

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